An informative explanation of the subtle differences in the law. One of Amy Hamm’s complainants apparently is anonymous. Is this normal? It seems to me that an accused facing the loss of her certification should be allowed to face her accuser and be able to question their motivation. Her hearing does seem to be dragging on. I presume she has the right to appeal. Her defence is being funded by an advocacy group. It seems to me unfair that the BC College has much deeper pockets than Amy and should be liable to pay Amy’s legal fees.

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I work at a “progressive” employer that encourages staff to add pronouns to their signatures. I want to be a shit disturber and ask, if I use he/him, does that give me the right to use the men’s bathroom and vice versa?

I would like to say this, and add that I don’t think that’s right, and puts women’s safety at risk. But I assume that if I did that, the lawyers would point to the Ontario Human Rights Code, which forbids discrimination based on gender ID. I think my company would say, we’re just following the OHRC and, by the way, you’re a bigot and you’re fired. No defence for me, right? I don’t belong to any professional group.

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There is no authentic way to practice Judaism without preaching against homosexuality on a regular basis. We believe Sodom and Gomorrah is a true story and when you check out what is going on in the schools, it sure looks that way to me. Our custom is to read weekly Torah portions, contemplate the meaning, and discuss them. The Torah is the Old Testament of the bible. Sodom and Gomorrah is mentioned frequently throughout scripture. So, there is no honest interpretation that says gay-is-okay. There is also the oral tradition. Sexual morality is paramount in Jewish oral tradition. There are religiously and politically liberalized "Jewish" congregations, but they are not taken seriously as authorities because our doctrine is immutable. We're the Jews. We don't change with the times. GRA extremists threw down the gauntlet pointblank that they are seeking compelled speech on gender and "hatespeech" laws as a means to viewpoint retaliation as ideological revenge. They say they intend to have us thrown in jail for "teaching hate." Sorry, our sacred scripture does not say what they want it to say. I keep forgetting how fetishists own the world and everything in it.

I believe in equality, equal rights for all people gay or straight. What is called "gay rights" is somewhat of a loaded term along the lines of "Black Lives Matter." I don't agree with awarding special privileges to gay people to act out their private sex fantasies in public and force nonconsenting bystanders to participate in sexual roleplaying games. Jewish sexual morality is believed in by true Christians and Muslims. That doesn't mean we hate all gay people or wish them ill will. Not in the least bit. I don't hate drug addicts. I feel sorry for them hurting themselves. I object to drug pushers spreading it. Where do you draw the line? If the expectation is to validate kink as culture, that's a bridge too far. I can honor Chinese culture, for example, because it is a REAL culture and a clean culture. What passes for gay culture is deviant sex. It's unreasonable to expect people to legitimize it and the danger is in pretending that it's so innocent that it's safe for kids. The Anglosphere is particularly dogmatic about "LGBT." It's crossing a line into sexual harassment. In all fairness, I totally get that there are many gay people who want no part of the "pride" movement and many "straight allies" forcefeeding this lasciviousness for political reasons. It's not Us and Them. We're fighting an ideology.

We don't think we are remotely malicious or bad for gay people. We see the political wing of their underground sex scene as something of a cult that uses them up. For example, we're all for gay people getting the healthcare they need such as STD treatment and psychotherapy. We're against gay people getting "healthcare" that they don't need: sex "change" operations. Wanting and needing things are two different things, otherwise more people would take drugs and feed children candy for meals and kale farmers would go out of business. I think it's more compassionate to tell a self-destructive person no rather than indulge their own ruin.

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